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Successfully Using The ULTIMATE Tools For YOUR Success I'd like to put a little "twist" on several common topics, I'm sure you've probably heard or read about these topics online, possibly sometime recently. Why?. Because I'd REALLY like to try and thrust you into a brainstorming "frenzy". I want you to really think (and hopefully understand) why certain selling methods and techniques are so vital to your business. .And how easily you can implement many of them into your everyday sales efforts.

If you do nothing else, please read over each and every one of the topics. Even if you're a "KNOW IT ALL" and you feel you already know everything there is to know about a particular subject ( and I say that with "MUCHO" love and respect ;-). Because if you do, I promise you, you'll finish this article with a brighter outlook and renewed excitement about the VASTLY IMPROVED RESULTS TO BE ENJOYED BY YOUR BUSINESS . IN THE REAL WORLD !! . NOW (& for future days & nights - ie 24/7 !) Are you ready to bring out the SUPER SALESPERSON lurking inside you? Here we go.

CREATE A MAILING LIST :- Yes I say again - ! - Create A Mailing List ----- ! This is absolutely - without a doubt - the most vital and necessary tool for your business! It is so EXTREMELY important to have a mailing list that I plan to write an entire e-book (FREE) on the subject and how effectively it relates to doing your business online (more on that later). This is the ULTIMATE tool for your success. You've probably heard the phrase. "The Money Is In The List".

Trust me. No words are more true! You need to have a mailing list and keep in touch with your website visitors to bring in new business. Here's where many fail: You CANNOT simply put a small text link or graphic on your site that reads "sign up for our mailing list". That won't cut it ! NOT EVEN Be creative and find ways, do whatever it takes, to get customers to sign up to your list. Once a customer is on your mailing list, they're a prospect (and hopefully a new customer) for life! Repeat sales are the lifeblood for any business.

Offer a freebie. ANYTHING. Your first born child (just kidding). something of value . . something to persuade a visitor to sign up to your list.

It's that important! Here's a few ideas :- Offer a discount coupon or special promo to those who sign up. Offer a free email course; I.E.

Crafting, Decorating Ideas, eg How to build a coffee table under $50, etc. Promote a contest or drawing that every new subscriber will be entered into. - Offer a special "Members Only" section for subscribers.

And promote your mailing list EVERYWHERE possible! In your email, on your website, your auctions.EVERYWHERE! Find clever and unique ways to get your list information out there! Use your own creativity and come up with some "never before seen" ways to attract new subscribers! Browse the net and see what other retailers are doing. Hell, this is so important that many websites actually setup an entire domain name just for their list! Then, once you're ready to setup your new mailing list, we highly recommend you to get in touch with an advanced autoresponder, they'll be able to provide you with a smorgasbord of resources, and they'll be EXTREMELY affordable & of course VERY Reliable. Plus, they'll offer a FREE 30 Day Test Drive! Look around before you make your choice & be guided by those in the know - OK? If you don't have a mailing list. Take the right steps & start one today! CREATE YOUR OWN NEWSLETTER :- I'll say it again - Create Your Own Newsletter - it IS so important.

------ This is the ultimate tool for keeping in touch with your website visitors and offering them something of value - For FREE --- Yeah that's right the Magic Word - - get's the buyers attention every time !!! Your topic choices are endless. Think about it. For example, if you own an online gift store, the topics you can consider could be: Creative Gift Ideas For Children And Adults - All Under $10 Creative And Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas On A Budget - Holiday Or Seasonal A mailing on each of the holidays offering clever ideas on cooking and decorating Children's Themes - Mom's love to learn more about creative ways to amuse their kids Comprende? Your opportunities to keep in touch are once again "endless". And please don't get scared and run away from the idea because you think you can't write! Anybody can write an interesting article.just keep it geared toward something you're passionate about and you'll surely excel! Once you start writing articles for your newsletter (and you will start a newsletter.right?), simply load them onto your website to add instant content that your visitors will enjoy reading and look forward to.

and the search engines will gobble it up like a ant eater on steroids. As mentioned previously, you want to earn your customers trust and actually make them fall in love with you. That's the goal of your website! Then, put your newsletter to the test! You'll be astonished with the results!.

Dave Newman is a business development webmaster and self development "guru". Dave's current goal is to help other "worthy types" to Achieve Their GOALS ! Subscribe for FREE to "Life Changing Income 4 You " - send a blank email to:- Or visit Build Your Mailing List 4 FREE @ - PS This is a real winner 4 sure ! - (be sure to ride this one!) (PS

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