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First off, take care when seeking out ideas on how to earn money from home. There are many scams and hoaxes out there lying in wait to trip you up. It has been asked before if anyone is actually making money but the ones with the "make money fast" scams, and the answer is yes. Statistics show that there are approximately 6.5 billion people in the world. Every nation on earth has internet access including developing countries.

Yes, there really are people in countries with unsafe drinking water who see the same web as people in industrialized nations. In America, 85% of the population has regular access to the internet. Even if only half the world has access to the internet, 3.

4 million potential customers are enough for anyone. The world market is big enough to share. There are a lot of ways to make money online. All you need is a little creativity, a computer with internet access, desire and most importantly, guidance.

When most people try to do this, they boot up their computers, pull up a web browser and get the virtual equivalent of writer's block. With the right guidance, you work for yourself and make money online. With the right dedication and diligence, you may be able to retire in just a few years with a seven figure income.

It is possible and there are internet entrepreneurs who are willing to tell you how. As you browse the world wide web you will find lots of get rich quick and money making schemes. Normally as a rule if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. Making money offline or online is not as simple as pushing a button or the entire world would be doing it and spending the day at the beach and the evening out partying. Still if you know what to do and where to look and have the right tools, it is only a matter of determination, a little hard work and the correct techniques and you can make a good income online.

There are some people that would tell you that a certain online business's is a scam, when in reality they gave up on the business and are now sour about the situation. Many programs are legitimate and completely workable. However, they give up before they can achieve success. So take responsibility for you and your family's future.

Billy Vaughn is a successful entrepreneur who has been involved in network marketing since 2004. He now builds his business primarily online via internet marketing. For a limited time, Billy is offering mentoring to those serious about achieving success online.

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