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How To Increase Traffic with Google Adwords

In order to advertise your products to the largest possible audience you will need to know the most useful ways of promoting your web sites. This is a brief description of the most effective advertising methods for online marketers. A few hours spent optimizing pay per click advertising campaigns can sometimes be a wiser investment of time than continually chasing after new products. There is a time and place for doing that, but my advice to all of you internet entrepreneurs is to make the most of the good products you have already identified and ‘milk them' for every dollar that you can. Writing profitable ads for Google Adword Campaigns is not difficult if you follow a few copywriting secrets. The first key to successful advertising writing it is to understand the concept of features and benefits.

Features are qualities of the product or service. They are descriptive words like yellow, strong, big etc. Benefits tell the customer what's in it for them. A benefit focused ad will mention phrases like will last long or easy to find when you need itsuccessful' campaigns and I was quite surprised to learn how easily I could increase the performance of each campaign.

Almost every campaign became more profitable as I employed a combination of the following techniques. I suggest that you check if any of these might lead to improving the profitability of your advertising campaigns. 1.

Increase Your Campaign's Click-Through Ratio by Split Testing Ads If other affiliates are promoting the same product at the same pay per click network, then you must make every effort to capture as high a percentage of the available traffic as possible. One of the best ways to get your ad showing instead of your competitors' ads is to increase the CTR or click-through ratio of your ads. The reason for this is that major advertising networks usually prefer to show ads with good click-through rates. So how can you increase your click-through ratio? The simplest way is to split test your ad. Finally, it is extremely important to test 2 ads simultaneously. Google will automatically rotate the 2 versions of the ad so you can tell which writing gets more clicks.

When you have an ad that really works, try to beat it with another version of the ad. This technique is called "beating the control" in the advertising world. The goal is to strive for better and better sales copy and winning ads. After you see the click-through rates for each version, discard the worst performing ad and write a new one. Keep repeating this process over and over again, improving each time.

A good shortcut is to study your competitor's ads. Why pay for all the research and testing of ads when other affiliates are doing it already? It is a good idea to monitor other affiliates' ads for a week or two and note any changes that they make. You must learn to "steal." Look at other successful ads for inspiration. Study good examples from other advertisers and substitute your own wording.

All the top copywriters do it. You can keep a collection of strong words and phrases that can be used for a variety of products. There are also a number of great competitor analysis tools available on the market. 2.

Add Additional Keywords to Increase Traffic Another way to maximize the revenue from your PPC advertising campaign is to increase your keywords. There are several ways to find the most searched for keywords. There are services that provide keywords to internet marketers for a small fee, usually on a monthly basis. You can learn to research keywords on your own although if you are a beginner it may take some time to become familiar with keyword research and be able to do this effectively. One word of caution, if you add too many keyword phrases that are broadly related to your product, then even though your ad impressions and overall clicks may increase, your sales and commission conversion rates could fall.

Take care when adding keywords to add only those keyword phrases that will result in targeted visitors who might purchase the product you are advertising. 3. Consider Targeting Your Successful Campaign to Additional Countries When you created your original campaign, which geographical settings did you specify? For example, you may have targeted USA only, or North America. Internet marketing is like any other business.

If you want to succeed and profit from your efforts, you must effectively advertise your products and/or services. You cannot expect to simply choose the products you will sell, build a web page, and watch the money roll in. How about United Kingdom and Australia? Depending upon the product you might also discover a good response from Europe, Asia, or even the Middle East. The key to success here is to test the new market independently, so be sure you have a way to track which countries your commissions are coming from. 4.

Replicate Your Successful Campaign on Other Advertising Networks You have already found a product that converts well when promoting it through one pay per click advertising network. PPC search engine advertising makes it possible for sites to monitor the productivity of each PPC ad they place. This gives a site the opportunity to turn off any PPC ad that is not performing at its best. PPC search engine advertising provides the most economical way for a site to advertise on the World Wide Web.

I try to replicate every successful campaign at Google AdWords, MSN Adcenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing. Advertising and web site promotion are critical to the success of your business. Utilizing the most effective means of advertising will greatly improve your chances of succeeding in your home-based business ventures. The most profitable internet marketers take full advantage of the advertising tools available to them.

These four techniques will make a big difference to the profitability of your affiliate pay per click advertising campaigns, and that's all without going out and finding another product.

If you don't want to put up a website and market it, you can use PPC campaigns to sell other people's products. You can start today by getting this eBook on how to get Google ads for free at

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