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How To Cheat Google Adwords Gain Massive Targeted Traffic

Have you been spending to much money on adwords and not really getting the results you desire or maybe you just want a better return on investment. Learn the secrets that can show you how to do just that with Targeted Traffic Tactics using Adwords You know I almost gave up on google adwords I just could not get it to work for me I thought I had tried everything but the funny thing is I kept making the same mistakes just in different ways. Adwords is not that hard once you learn a few techniques that should lower your bid price and raise you ranking. First thing keep it simple and focus on one keyword group at a time if you have the patience you should try on keyword at a time only adding quotes and brackets to the keyword.

when I say keyword group I mean like say your keyword is targeted traffic then you should only add words like buy targeted traffic, how to get more targeted traffic, etc don't do words like targeted traffic software or targeted traffic generators because in the end this will hurt you and you will see why later. One you have chosen a keyword or keyword group make an ad that has that keyword in the first line so using the example up above you first line should say something like this example "free targeted traffic tactics" then you go on and write the rest of your ad. That was just an example just make sure the main keyword is in the title this very important to google and it becomes highlighted so people notice and click it more.

Now for the last part which is actually the first part you need to make a web page that is focused on that keyword so it should be found everywhere in the meta tags, title, header, made bold in the content or wherever and you should have a link on the page with the keyword oh yeah I almost forgot it should be in the alt text of images to the helps. You will make a different page for every ad google likes it when you ads are relevant to the page they are going to. So now you have the basic plan on how to increase targeted traffic to you website using google Adwords. now go out there and try it out, if the niche you are in is very competitive this tactic will help a lot especially if no one else is using it.Make sure to start out small and work you way up be patient. This information can only work if you actually try it so please give it a chance actually a couple chances because it's still a numbers game you may pick the wrong keyword, but don't give up stay positive and know that if you keep failing you will soon fail to fail.

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