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You see so much hype on the internet, you just have to wonder don't you? Is this stuff for real? If you care to know what the real deal is, then read on. If you are so desperate that you want to believe all the fairy tales you see on the internet, then this article is likely to burst your bubble. It is definitely a dog eat dog world out there on the internet. The picture that is painted for you is usually so filled with emotional kickers that you feel that you don't have time to think. You're guided along by well orchestrated ad copy, down a path designed to make you feel you'll "miss out" if you don't "act now." That is seldom the case.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Clarity is what is needed most in this recent internet explosion anyway. The vast majority of the offers you see on the internet you should just stay away from. If you have any doubt about that, just go to any of the thousands of free (and obscure) classified ad sites. Give me a break! Do you seriously think that anyone in their right mind is going to go to one of these sites and wade through the thousands of ads looking for their future million dollar business? In short the answer is no.

However, there seems to be no shortage of people who have been advised that is the way to their internet million. Why is that? Good question, "Why is that?" The short answer is because a keen marketer can make that plan sound very convincing to someone who is not familiar with internet marketing, and will make many sales of his affiliate program or his submission software. The reason? Because it has a good story to tell and sells well to the uninitiated. The poor folks who buy into that are soon frustrated and go looking for the next "good story" leaving a trail of money in their wake.

The internet is probably where the next major source of millionaires will come from. However, those millions will not be coming in the fashion that the "great word painters" make it out to be. To make it in the internet marketing business you really need to understand that there are no silver bullets that will make you rich by next week. There is one thing though that will work. It may take longer than you were hyped into believing, but there is one thing that tagged with some knowledge will create wealth. That thing is work.

Facts are facts! Just because there is an overwhelming number of people who spout things to the contrary does not invalidate the facts. Here's a few things to keep in mind while looking for an internet business to get into. * If you hear someone say, "No Selling," prepare to get fleeced.

* If you hear someone say "our program is fully automated," get ready for the poor house. * If you hear someone say "get top Google listing in hours," make sure they aren't talking about gold plated toilet tissue. (I might get top ranking for that keyphrase right now by having those words in this article.) * If you hear someone say "once you set this up, you'll watch the money roll in automatically while you're at the beach," get ready to get tanned or more likely burned! * If you hear someone say "Buy this software and watch your search engine rankings go to page one. Ask yourself if you are willing to steak you future on the whims of Google - whatever they're criteria for listing happens to be that day? I could go on and on but I hope I've made my point. In case you haven't gotten the point, I'll spell it out for you in plain English.

If your goal is to make a killing online, it can work for you. Understand that it is going to require a few things to get to the point where you are doing just that. Here are the basic things required. 1.

Work. You are going to have to work. You are going to have to be actively involved in the progress of your business.

2. Learn. You are going to have to learn "internet marketing.

" Even if you are experienced in "marketing", internet marketing is a whole new thing. 3. Talk. Just because the business is initiated over the internet does not mean that internet marketing is a machine business and you never have to talk to anyone. This business of internet marketing is still very much a relationship business. 4.

Think. You'd be surprised how many people have had other people make business decisions for them and don't realize that fact. You have to read, study, plan and think.

5. Work. I may have mentioned this already above, but this is one that many people fall for the great lie about it. Nothing percolates until you perspirate. I wish you the best of luck in choosing a means of replacing your job with an online home business. Hopefully after reading this article you will at least be able to look at other opportunites and keep yourself from getting taken on a scam.

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