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Happiness Does Not Come From Just One Thing

When people try to separate success and happiness, they often do so by pointing out the necessity of other essential ingredients to happiness. Sometimes they do this by painting a picture of someone very rich, who has everything.but love.

A loveless life, no matter how successful, may seem unhappy to most of us. They believe this picture proves that success has nothing to do with happiness. But happiness does not come from just one thing, not even love. I see happiness as a positive state of well-being that comes from a combination of different emotional experiences that lead one to feel fulfilled and happy.

But it seems that people get confused about what happiness is because of their own experiences. When they are missing something in particular that is causing them to be unhappy, they think that when they find this one thing, it will bring them happiness. They get consumed in the pursuit of this one thing and believe that their entire ability to experience happiness is hinged on finding it. Because of this, they equate happiness with the one thing they are missing and overlook all of the other factors that contribute to happiness as well. This is why people can be successful and still be miserable. Success alone does not bring happiness.

Neither does any other one thing. People make the same kind of mistakes in relationships. They think the key to a great relationship is just to find the one thing that was missing in the last relationship they were in. For example, if they are in a relationship with someone who is not emotionally expressive and it causes a lot of problems, they think emotional expression is the key ingredient to a successful relationship. Then they find someone who is emotionally expressive, but they are missing another characteristic that causes even more problems.

Then they think this other characteristic is the key ingredient. They do not seem to recognize everything they need in a relationship and then try to find someone who has all of the attributes. A truly successful relationship is not based on just one thing - neither is happiness. It is a balance of many different aspects of ourselves and our lives that all contribute to positive state of well-being. When all of these things are in balance, we feel truly happy. When one of these aspects is lacking, we do not feel as happy or we may even feel miserable.

Life is too short to be miserable. I have now learned that success can give me the ability to change many different areas of my life in ways that can contribute to my happiness. We want to show people how to find true, lasting happiness and fulfillment by helping people live their dreams and help them find financial freedom for themselves and their families. Money cannot buy happiness because happiness is not for sale. But success can give you the ability to change your life in ways that can help you attain a greater level of happiness.

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