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Green web hosting at thinkhost hosting

Over the course of the past two years there has been a lot of expansion when it comes to green web hosting options. While previously there were no such hosting options, today there are a handful of options available. Many people will say that this will not do much to help the environment but they seemingly do not understand that web hosting centers do use a large amount of power to run both the computer equipment and cooling systems. There are two ways in which these hosting companies operate today. One such way is through running the data center with Renewable Energy Certificates, which ensures that the power these centers are running off of are has been generated in an eco-friendly manner.

Usually this power source is comes from either wind or solar power. Of course, bio-gas and geothermal gas are also used. Another way in which this is done is by these hosting companies generating their own power from one of the aforementioned renewable energy sources. Thinkhost web hosting is one of the green web hosting company and uses renewable energy source.

Learn more about thinkhost and read thinkhost review from . This thinkhost review site also featuring thinkhost coupon. Green web hosts understand how their services negatively impact the environment. Beyond using renewable energy sources, these companies are also planting trees for every server that they sell and having their employees telecommute so that they can save gas.

As such, they are investing a lot of time, money and resources into helping the environment. You do not have to use a small web host just because you want it to be green. There are green web hosts of all sizes available. This is important to many people who understand that the web hosting sites in the United States alone consume an estimated 1.5% of all electrical power but still want to benefit from the various things that a big web host is able to offer.

For many of these companies it is not possible to simply power down their web sites in order to avoid the high amount of power consumption they use, but it is possible for them to look for and use more energy efficient technologies such as green hosting. Such services are able to do the same amount of work while using less power, which is a very good thing not only for these companies but also for the Earth itself. So, now these big companies really can help to lower the world's carbon footprint while still doing big business online. Of course, with many of these companies it does not stop with the web hosting they choose to use. Instead, once they have an environmentally friendly web host, they will also stop to consider the various other offline aspects of their business. While taking these additional steps to reduce their carbon footprint will cost them additional money, it will not only greatly benefit the environment, but it will also help their clients to view them as a leader whenever it comes to resolving some of the most serious issues that face humanity today.

For these reasons, these various companies view such things as green web hosting well worth the additional cost that they incur. is thinkhost review and thinkhost coupon site. Support green hosting from thinkhost.

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