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Google Desktop and Elert Gadget Marketing

If you haven't heard of Google Desktop then the chances are you have not heard of the Google Elert Gadget or elert marketing. At the moment people are using techniques elert marketing to make a few thousand dollars a day. Sure, it's good. But as it becomes more popular the market is going to explode.just like email did a decade ago.

Many a millionaire was made during the first internet bubble. Wildly over valued IPOs for companies that had no real business model, and in many cases no where near the revenue that was needed to build a company that should go public. However, what many people fail to realise is that many people survived the bubble.

In fact, many people made their millions during the bubble. How did they do it? Simple. They did not rely on investment bankers, Silicon Valley's VC crowd, or even intangible brand marketing income. They made cold hard cash from doing one of two things: selling products directly or building an audience and using that audience to sell other people's products while they took a commission. Sure, some companies were crossed ethical boundaries ? and, what are now considered legal ones ? by sending SPAM. Other people complied with double-opt in procedure and they still didn't have any problem making money.

It was like a dream come true. Every time an email gets sent, a percentage of their list would covert, and they would make money. It was almost like their own cash machine ? send an email to their list, and they were sure to make some money out of it. As long as they did not get greedy, and send too many emails to their list, everyone is happy. But then the market became crowded.

Too much money was in the space, so people were scaling their operations and people were flooding in. Why wouldn't you when you realise you can make hundreds of dollars from just getting an email address? There are stories of people making hundreds of millions without a single member of staff ? only a server, a database of email addresses, and a computer in their bedroom. It was like a dream come true. But then the landscape changed. Before people didn't have to give you anything for an email address. Now consumers realise their value ? in the time they spend wading through their SPAM.

Now people can get as many free email addresses as they like, people are sending out thousands of emails per day, and the value per email address has shrunk to pathetic lows. Now people sell lists of 10,000 email addresses for under $30. This is proof they are worth next to nothing, People would rather make quick bucks off a list rather than retire to the Bahamas with a recurring income stream. Now, the new wave of email marketing is here ? and its called Elert Marketing. You can access someone's Google Desktop within minutes, and be benefiting from the other income sources that will come as people access your pages which will then be published online. This may turn out to be like email marketing, but for now elert gadget marketing is going to be making a lot of people millionaires ? and a lot of millionaires richer.

Don't be left behind when it comes to Google Elert Gadget ? get your foot in the door and benefit from being one of the early players. Then once you have made your first million, you can then start to worry about its future.

Roshawn Hall writes articles about elert marketing. Supplementary editorials written by the author related to elert gadget, elert advertising can be found on the net.

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