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Give Your Website That Flypaper Stickiness to Keep Your Wallet Full

The best way to funnel people into buying your products or services on your website is to create a place they love to hang out at. Become the most informative website online surrounding your product or service offering. If you sell vanilla beans then be the portal online to find everything and anything about vanilla beans. If you are a podcast expert have a website full of all the tidbits you will ever need to know about online recording from the newest mp3 players to tutorial articles on how to speak clearly while recording your podcast.

Providing your visitors with valuable free and up-to-date information will keep them coming back for more. This may include articles or an informational newsletter sent to them on a regular basis. Don't forget to entice visitors to signup for your newsletter by offering them a free download or free gift. Why not hold free teleclasses or seminars surrounding your niche business? Offer these for download at your website on a weekly business to entice visitors to come back to visit you.

If you sell movies, why not hold a weekly contest and give-away a free DVD? Post the winners on the website weekly and you will be sure to see people coming back to check out if they have won or not. Offer a free service at your website, for example if you are a webdesigner offer a website critique, search engine submiting service or why not a link popularity check? Important Tip: Never, ever feel you are giving away too much. People love this on the internet, they love freebies and tons of info! The secret prize to you in offering all this freebie informational content is that it creates a stickiness for visitors to stay at your website and look around. Your website will be one people bookmark and come back to for more info.

They will learn to recognize your website as a familiar one which inturn creates a trust with your potential customers and you. Trust is the secret to selling online. Once you have that with a visitor to your website your wallet will be so thick you won't be able to sit down! Keeping visitors at your website a longer period of time is the secret to persuading them to buy your product or service. Its all about your visitors establishing trust with you which develops over time in everyone. Trust = Buy, so give your visitors some useful reasons to stick around and get to know you before they invest in your product or service.

The easiest way to keep visitors around is by providing them with unique content they can't find elsewhere on the net. Think out of the box for niche content for your target market and provide it to them. Articles or directories of information are a great way to get your visitors to hang around and read for hours.

Use headlines and bullets to entice visitors curiosity to scroll further down your page and explore your website deeper. Here's a handy secret I use to achieve this: Put an image at the end of the top fold of your webpage so you can just see the top of the image but not the whole image. (Top fold of your webpage is the area of screen first visible to a visitor before they scroll down the page). Putting an image in this position of your webpage entices a visitor to scroll down since they want to see the whole image instead of just part of it.

Offer reasons for your visitor to bookmark your page (provide a handy "Bookmark our page" link) to come back and visit you regularly. 1. Hold a contest and post winners at your website weekly. 2.

Hold a weekly sale 3. Add a small utility or program to your website that benefits your users that they may use regularly. Ideas that come to mind are a mortgage calculator, a backlink checker, etc. 4.

Send out a weekly newsletter with a link to your website in it. 5. Have a blog or podcast on your website with interesting new content regularly. Get into the minds of your visitors and ask yourself, "What would make me hang around here longer?" Incorporate these ideas into your webpage and success will be at your fingertips waiting for you to cash in.

Tawnya Sutherland, Founder of the largest online portal for everything to do with virtual assistance dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. A Certified Internet Marketing Specialist helping turn her clients clicks into cash.

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