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Get Rich Quick Scams

Our microwave society of "I want it fast and I want it now!" Is it any wonder then that the Scammers are capitalizing more and more on the "Get rich quick" kind of mentality that can hardly wait for the coffee to warm up. These Scammers are growing at a rate that is astonishing.Flooding a once legitimate market with their unrelenting scamming.

They stalk potential victims under the cloak of integrity and prey on people's desperate financial situations. The Predators do this by appealing to either the desperate need for money of the victim or exploit their sense of humanity that drives these many good intentioned people to try and help somebody in need. The stories concerning these scams truly abound, a sad fact to the insatiable greed of these Scammers, so I will just use one that I dealt with a lot when I was working for a large Delivery Company by way of example, and warning. Working close with security I saw the devastating effects this particular Get rich quick scam, or better yet "work from home business" as they are fond of calling it, had on the people who were lured in to partake of it. How the operation works: This is mainly a Nigerian Scam (just 1 of many), and what they will do is advertise on the Internet under the guise of "work from home" wanted, payment processing or payroll supervisors, processors, and "christian work from home".

Then once their "prey" are baited in to the seemingly on the up and up work from home opportunity, the Scammer will send them an envelope with several postal money order checks in the amount of anywhere from $300-$1000. Enclosed in that envelope will be a a copy of a letter that goes like this. Payment for the Company You Represent: Greetings to you, My name is .

and I have been directed to make this payment to you by the company you represent in the USA. As soon as payment has been received, you are to inform them immediately via email to Serves as prove and evidence that payment has been issued and sent out buy our firm ans we do not owe them anymore for the good supplied. Please follow this instruction on how to cash below. I have left the money orders blank to avoid any mistake in your name and address so Immediately payment has been received, your are to fill in my name and address as below at (From) them fill in you name and address at (PAY TO), I will also like you to know that these USPS money order are like cash as they have been paid for so you will not be paying any sort of fees to cash them so after filled take them straight to you bank an have them cashed right over the counter or deposit them into your ATM account and fill a withdraw form instantly for the amount of cash deposited and then follow next instruction by your boss on where an dhow to send the money to after deduction your 10% commisssions. ONCE THE REMANING 90% IS SENT, A COPY OF THE EMAIL WITH PAYMENT DETAILS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE EMALL ADDRESS BELOW FOR THE RECORD PURPOSE. ALSO MAKE SURE ALL CHECKS ARE FILLED BEFORE TAKEN TO BANK AND CHECK YOU EMAIL FOR FURTHER UPDATE ONCE RECEIVED.

OK, clue #1: Besides the fact that this scammer just butchered the English language and has repeated grammatical errors (I copied this from an actual confiscated letter mind you), you are being asked to deposit or cash these postal money orders into your bank account. You might say, hey what's wrong with that?! Well, when the unsuspecting "successfully" deposit or cash the money orders then they figure the whole deal is legit, and proceed to wire their money to the predator minus their 10% as instructed, usually to a bank account in Nigeria. Weeks later the bank discovers the money orders are fake, and the depositor then becomes responsible for the missing funds to the tune of usually several thousands of dollars. Know what to look for: If you come across one of these adds be sure and look for contact information on their website.

If it is truly a legitimate opportunity then that person will make them selves accessible. Never agree to deposit money orders into your bank account from someone you don't know! You are held responsible for that money if those are fake. Which I can assure you they will be! In conclusion, yes there are a lot of amazing Internet opportunities with the potential to make large amounts of money.

But, if you have the "Get rich quick" mentality, you might end up having the "get broke quick" dilemma!.

Candi May is a Top Internet marketer and home business mentor. She specializes in helping others succeed in the home business industry. To learn more go to work for u.

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