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So, you've joined the Internet and Affiliate Marketing world. or you're thinking about it. I'd like you to think about why and take stock of yourself.

and if you're up to the task. I know, you want to make money. Not good enough. To vague. Be specific about WHY you want to make money. But I want you to dig down a little deeper; because these reasons directly relate to your ability to succeed or fail.

I'll explain in a minute. Let's look at some specific reasons one may begin Internet and Affiliate marketing. There are 3 general categories. 1. You're not making enough money on Your present day job, (what I like to call, your 'Time Trader for Money Job') for the basic, necessary and desirable things in life?such as; Pay the bills, take that vacation, or extra vacation each year, buy a new car or house, secure your retirement and maybe schooling for your kids.

etc. etc. 2. You don't have a job?r don't want one. Maybe you got the rug pulled out from under you being pink-slipped and the thought of job hunting and resume building is enough to make you weep like a child. You'd like an alternative way to make a living.

3. You want more then just the creature comforts of of life. You want Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money.

Fancy cars, big house, Rolex watch, and every other over-the-top luxury you can think of. YOU.wanna be rich! Depending on which one of the above is you, may cause you to approach Internet Marketing form a different mindset.

Some approaches art healthy and productive while others can be 'A Fools Paradise' - : Bliss based on illusion, ignorance, or misunderstanding. Let me explain: The first two categories might cause the newcomer to enter into this field with a serious, mature attitude giving them a fair chance, yes, a fair chance at success. (I'll explain) The last category will cause the newbie to this field ultimate failure because their head is up in the clouds.

(Subjects for future posts) But for now. Be Prepared! Your In For The Ride of Your Life? What to be prepared for. heh, heh.

So you're a newbie looking into Internet Marketing and come across many websites promising quick cash, fast money, secret systems and methods and more. Well, first be prepared for this one. There ain't no such animal! These sites are written by some pretty powerful copywriters who can have your mouth watering by the first paragraph.

Ahhh. if they would just use these powers for the good rather then evil. lol. They would rip-off any soul on the planet. Get your head out of the clouds and listen read the facts below or what your basic 'System Requirements' are needed to be a success in this business. * A Huge Desire To Succeed - Not Just Empty Wishing And Hoping.

Know The Difference! (Another Post Subject) * A Willingness To Work Long, Long, Long, Hours - That's Right. You Think Your 40 Day Gig Is a Tough Week? There's a ton to learn! * An Ability To Get Yourself Back Up On The Horse When You Have Failures - And You WILL have failures! * Patience - Patience - And Them Some More Patience. Oh by-the-way, I'd like to add Patience to that? * A Strong Focus - The Ability To Stay Focused And To Avoid Distractions. (Like The Get-Rich-Quick Hype) * And, One Of The Most Important - Along With Helping Yourself, Your Willingness To Help Your Fellow Marketers. This Builds Relationships.

And You'll Soon Learn That We Need Each Other For Our Common Success. It's a New, Social Net. You'll Learn What That Means. * And Last - A Honest Desire To Provide Legitimate, Helpful Products And Information And Service To Your Customers. To Treat Them As You Would've Like To Be Treated If You Were On The Other Side Of The Fence.

So, with all that in mind, whew, enjoy the trip, work hard, stay focused, and oh, I almost forgot, HAVE FUN! Cliff "It Takes a Lot of Pressure to Make a Diamond".

Come and meet 100's of successful Internet Marketers over here and let them guide you. This is the place where the best tools and services are discussed.

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