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Finding a Good Mentor For The Newbie in MLM

Unlike finding a good sponsor, finding a good mentor, when starting out on your MLM career, is almost imperative for long term success. This subject does not come up very often and then only occasionally on MLM and Network Marketing specific forums. Let me clarify this statement a little for you. Your sponsor does not make or break your success in MLM, as you can always track upline or sideline to find someone who will work with you.

From the monetary gain they can expect from your success, upline would have a vested interest in your success of course. A good mentor, on the other hand, can mean the difference between success and the frustration of failure when working your home based business. What do I mean by this? Well, a mentor can teach you the ropes and greatly assist you in not experiencing the same mistakes and fall backs that they themselves experienced thus shortening your learning curve and reducing great frustrations. You should determine your vision and goals for the next one to three years and use that to find a good mentor for your home based business. Would you like to be making say $5,000 a month? Then find a mentor that has been working the business full time and is currently earning a consistent recurring income of $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

These elements are crucial in matching you up with someone whom you can respect, trust, and accept quality coaching. Finding someone who has created their success with just one company is recommended over one who has moved from one company to another. The consistency is imperative to you learning consistency and persistency in the business. Classically you want someone who will lead you by saying do as I do and do as I say. You must be willing to trust and accept this coaching.

Needless to say your personalities should match and both of you feel comfortable with each other as this will likely turn into a life long friendship as an added benefit. Successful people are always willing to help those people willing to put forth the effort, listen to what they have to offer, and produce the positive action necessary to show results. ACTION on your part is the primary key element to this relationship and MLM training to be successful. A mentor does not have to be a hard search.

Visit MLM and network marketing specific forums and read what people have to say, how they position themselves, how respected are these members, and get the gist of what other people think of them as professionals. These forums will give you great insight into the personality, professionalism, and experience of a person you may be selecting as your mentor. Be polite and professional when approaching a potential mentor.

Have your research completed before talking to them. Learn and know all you can about them professionally and as a person. For establishing yourself as being very serious in your quest, this will go a long way. You must be comfortable and able to express your "why" for wanting them to spend time with you and also focus on what this relationship will do for them. When broached with this type of proposition, everyone always asks themselves, "what's in it for me?" Remember that.

In closing, when going about this search and dealing with potential mentors, make sure you exercise professionalism and manners. Yes, there is specific etiquette expected by and from a professional in this industry. Doing the above will place you in an outstanding position to find a good compatible mentor who may be with you for the rest of your life.

Craig Mattice, while totally disabled, works his home based business in network marking with SendOutCards, from his home office in Richmond, VA. His works have quality content peppered with humor, personality, and are all personally written. To learn more about the author visit his personal website.

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