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Explode Your List With These Two Viral Tactics

To build a massive list rapidly, you must employ the two critical viral marketing tactics that you're about to learn, they will take your list building activities to a new level! Allowing your subscribers to rebrand your free giveaway reports that you use as incentives to attract sign-ups is the first crucial viral element you must employ. Re-brandable means that your subscriber can add their own affiliate links to the report in order to earn money from its distribution. To enhance the viral effect further, you should allow your subscriber to add their own name and web address to your ebook as part of the rebranding process.

As well as being rebrandable, your report must also include a compelling reason within its contents for your readers to visit your site via a link, preferably to a squeeze page. If not, the viral benefits of re-branding your report will be lost, as new readers who didn't originally discover your report at your web site, won't visit your site to sign up! A "Tell-A-Friend" script is the second essential viral marketing component that you definitely must employ as part of your list building system. A "tell-a-friend" script does exactly what is says on the box, it encourages your visitors and subscribers to tell their friends about your products and content. You can use free scripts (just search on Google for "free tell a friend script") or you can buy more sophisticated scripts.

The scripts basically allow your visitor to email several friends directly from your web page to tell them about you. There is one tell-a-friend script that is far superior to other scripts in the control it give you over your viral process. This script tracks the friends "told" and records whether or not they opened their emails and visited your site. It also automates rewarding visitors who tell their friends about you. It literally sends the referrer a thank you gift if they "tell" a specified number of friends about you. The script makes it simple for you to offer a free gift to your new subscribers by automating the delivery of the gift once they've told their friends about you and your products.

It allows you to control when they receive the gift, either after they tell their friends, or after their friends sign up to your list. If you have a great gift to give away that will really appeal to your subscribers, this level of control can ensure that your list grows by a set number of subscribers every time your give your gift away. It's this feature in particular that makes this script so virally effective. To learn how to rebrand your reports and to find out more about which tell-a-friend script is so superior to the rest, you need to get a copy of List Building Riches, its a free report that you can download from the site below. It's a 50 page guide for building huge profitable lists quickly .

quickly! If you want to make a lot of money online, you really have to build large lists of subscribers quickly.

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