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If you are wondering what it takes to be a successful multi-level marketer, finding a profitable MLM opportunity, learning to generate leads and automating and duplicating your efforts is a big part of the process. You may have been missing the correct type of multi-level marketing "know how". Once you perfect some basic concepts, you will be able to quickly build a downline and put your marketing and promotion efforts on autopilot. Step #1: Discovering Profitable MLMs Multi-level marketing is akin to any other kind of marketing. First, it will necessary for you to find a viable niche.

Avoid the markets that are highly competitive, over-saturated and already full of representatives. Believe it or not, multi-level marketing programs are about more than selling vitamins, colloidal silver and Herbalife, safe-list mailings and bombardment of the public. There are truly great businesses out there that are selling products that people truly want and need. If you are searching for a great business opportunity to get involved with one of the best places to start online is the MLM directory, MLM & Direct Sales Directory located at: http://mlmdirectory.nmbj.

com/ . While there are others, this one provides a full range of niche opportunities from which you can choose. Everything from art to fashion to insurance and everything in between can be researched via this directory. When you think about joining an opportunity, first look at your personal interests and hobbies.

Try to find an opportunity that is in line with what you already like. If you pick something you like or are interested in, you will go much further with the business opportunity because you'll be bringing your expertise, knowledge and passion to the table. Step #2: Discover the Secret to Generating Leads Easily Gone are the days of cold-calling and door-to door sales. Generating leads over the Internet has clearly replaced footwork and grunt work.

If the company you represent processes orders online, via telephone or if they are still using the mail order, mail-in forms, potential customers and prospective downline members, can all be found over the Internet. It behooves you to get a website dedicated to lead generation, and start collecting potential sales and team members email addresses, names and phone numbers using one of the easiest mediums around - the World Wide Web. Once you have accomplished this, follow-up can follow the usual channels: first, an email, followed by a telephone call, introduction of products, services and the opportunity for clients to make money. Credibility and conversion will be enhanced using this method, and you will be able to quickly and easily provide all of your downline members and customers with valuable, timely information at the speed of email.

All of this can be accomplished through effective lead generation and maintenance via opt-in lists with your targeted, warm leads. Step #3: Automation and Duplication Here's where the money grows exponentially. If you can "leverage" your system and teach your techniques to your downline, you will earn large sums of money and achieve greater results.

Leveraging on the Internet means you are working smarter and not harder. Your time and money will go further to achieving greater and greater return. Automation is all about creating a system that takes care of itself. On the Internet, this is relatively simple with auto responders that work 24/7 and websites that provide you with information on your own terms and time schedule. Duplication takes an already winning system and repeats it over and over with every new opportunity.

Once you know the system, it will work again and again on any opportunity that you choose to pursue. All you need to do is take the winning system you used in MLM opp #1 and apply that same system to MLM opp #2. If it was a great lead generator and downline builder for opp #1, the system will work again with opp #2.

Step #4: Continue to gain MLM knowledge and Know How Success in the long term requires that you continuously learn new things related to your field. Continued growth in any business requires that you read, learn and take risks. The more you know and master, the easier it will be for the next phase of any business or business opportunity to sustain continued success.

Roy Chan is an established business consultant since 2004. He will show you how to generate thousands of dollars every month on a complete autopilot. Subscribe to a free e-book and you will learn how a simple website generated $10,994. Get it now for FREE at:

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