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If you plan on marketing online, you're sure to hear the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So what is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy to make your website rank higher on a list of search engine results Before a site can appear in search results, the search engines must index it. This is accomplished by a search robot visiting the site, analyzing it, and storing relevant information in the search engine database. Once indexed, the site can be displayed in search results. Search engines cannot display a site they know nothing about.

Some simple steps to get your site known by the search engines are: 1. Choose keywords and keyword phrases that accurately describe your site and that your target market will use to find your services. 2. Use those keywords and phrases throughout the content of your site.

3. Place links back to your site from other sites that are relevant to your keyword phrases. There are many other ways to get search engines to recognize a new site and it would be well worth your efforts to study up on all that you can about search engine optimization. A well designed, informative site that cannot be found holds no value. The unknown is essentially nonexistent. Think about it, have you ever bought a product you didn't know existed? Have you ever visited a place you never heard of? To be successful online you must find ways to give your site an online presence.

Search Engine Optimization has many aspects to it and requires work and persistence to attain the full benefits. However, the benefits are many and well worth your efforts. Some of the benefits worth mentioning are: 1. Online presence 2.

Increased targeted traffic - Traffic - Traffic and more Traffic 3. Higher conversion rates 4. Higher rankings give you more credibility 5. Increased visibility - Global audience 6.

High ROI - return on investment Search engines are the most widely used internet tool to find information, products and/or websites. However, most people who use search engines rarely make it past the first page and many only look at the top half of the first page. Getting yourself on the first page and better yet on the top half of the first page, will make your site's presence be known and subsequently generate more traffic that could lead to potential income and business. Search engines attract extremely targeted traffic.

The visitor who finds your site through a search engine is already actively looking for exactly what you provide and therefore more prone to make the click to see how you can be of service to them. Search engine optimization is a method of online marketing that should not be overlooked and included in every online marketer's portfolio. Traffic is a key factor to online success and search engine optimization will definitely get your website targeted traffic.

Andrea Chin invites you to learn the truth about the online marketing business.

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