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EDCDiamond Business Review The Truth Exposed

Are you interested in EDCDiamond? Below is an honest look at what the program has to offer you. A) Corporate Items The EDCDiamond parent opportunity, Easy Daily Cash (EDC), was launched in February of 2006. EDC Gold was later launched in November of 2006. It wasn't until late 2007 that EDC founders Craig Garcia and Michael Corcoran launched EDCDiamond.

An updated payment structure is included with the new version. The products, however, are virtually the same. EDC members are getting marketing software and digital e-books for download.

B) Cost To Join There are three packages that come included when you purchase EDCDiamond. Their names and retail prices break down as follows: * EDC Gold - $997 plus a $49.95 admin. fee * EDC - $297 plus a $39.95 admin.

fee * Your New Fortune - $69.95 no monthly fee So, you get everything above if you join through EDCDiamond. How much does it all cost? * $2,497 plus another $79.95 per month B) The Compensation Plan The company boasts a modified 2-up pay plan.

This means you will have to pass up half of each of your first two sales to your sponsor. How much money will you be making every time you make a sale? Direct commissions, depending on the level your affiliate comes in at, include: * $1,500 * $997 * $600 * $397 Something new is the addition of residual commissions. You can generate an extra $50 per month for each affiliate you sponsor. As long as your affiliates stay paid up every month, this can create a passive income for you in the long term.

C) The Reality Of It All The big drawback here is the payment structure. When you give up half of the money from your first two sales, you are giving up a large portion of money from the sales most challenging to make. It's important to reinvest your profits into advertising as soon as possible.

This becomes difficult to do when you are required to give potentially thousands of dollars to your sponsor at the beginning. EDCDiamond claims this passing up is exactly the thing that motivates your sponsor to help you. While this may be true, once you have passed up your required sales to them, he or she is no longer motivated to continue guiding you. With online marketing, often the speediest path to financial prosperity is with a mentor that can train and help you through the pitfalls of online marketing.

This is near impossible to do if your sponsor cuts and runs on you. Conclusion Ultimately, you will be the one that needs to decide if EDCDiamond is the right opportunity for you. Effective training and support will help to rapidly increase your financial success online. Therefore, make sure you're comfortable with the person you join with, no matter what the opportunity.

For information on how to take control of your financial situation and earn great wealth online, visit Power Of Wealth - Ian Kamen is a top mentor in the home business industry and Founding Partner of Seahawk Marketing Group. He devotes much of his time to helping others succeed online. You may contact him at

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