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Did you know that Ebay now attracts over 70,000 new customers everyday of the year? They add to the already 277,000,000 registered users. Think what this could mean for you selling a product. It's a huge, hungry market but you must know the secrets to Ebay auction success.

Yet to make serious money selling on Ebay takes learning, skill and belief that is required to operate any business. To be an Ebay auction selling success, you can't just submit a product for sale and hope that bids will automatically appear. There are proven methods to ensure that your Ebay auction will be more successful than the competition.

There are certain techniques that you need to adopted to ensure Ebay is a lucrative money making opportunity for you, not just a trickle of money but enough for you to then consider becoming a fulltime Ebay seller and joining the Ebay auction elite. The 5 essential secrets to Ebay auction selling success are: 1 Forget About Setting An Auction Price - Ebay used to have this facility but it is being phased out so don't do it. Ask yourself this. Why would you bid for a product that has a reserve price stuck on it? You would be bidding in the dark not knowing if the auction would actually result in a sale or not. Maybe the Ebay seller is just testing the market.

You don't know so make sure you don't put a reserve price on your Ebay auctione as this will deter prospective bidders. 2 Starting Price To Be kept Low - Why? It attracts interest, which attracts bids often at a much quicker pace which then builds momentum which can lead to an Ebay auction frenzy. Now would you like to experience that? Depending on the product, a starting price of .99c has been proved to be a magnet for potential bidders to start the bidding process. If the product is of a high value, even a low starting price can result in a flood of bids flowing in.

And remember, an Ebay auction of a product requires bids to be success. If the item already has bids on it, other potential bidders are more likely to make a bid. 3 About Me Page Ebay Style - This is a great chance for you to really sell yourself to potential bidders so you can gain their trust. Ask yourself, would you bid on an Ebay auction where the seller had no profile, no details, you knew nothing about them? You probably would not and move on to someone you can trust. You need to include details about you and your business, how long have you been registered on Ebay, where you are situated, specialisations etc. 4 Ebay Feedback - As Ebay is impersonal, any details that will give the potential bidder comfort should be made available.

It is prudent if you leave feedback for the winning bidder as soon as the item has been paid for. This shows that you are on the ball and wanting to here the winning bidders comments whether they are positive or negative. Negative feedback need not be damaging.

Make sure you act on it fast and if any negative comment is left then this does not mean bad news as any Ebay bidder will see that the positive feedback far outweighs it. 5 Shiiping Of Ebay Goods - The additional costs must not been seen as a money making opportunity for you. Overpricing is against Ebay policy and you will be found out. Make sure that you state clearly the shipping costs within the item listing. Would you like to win a bid only then to find out that there is a large shipping charge which appears excessive? Avoid these two issues.

In order for you to distinguish and separate yourself from the vast majority of Ebay auction sellers and power yourself into the Ebay elite, these secrets are essential for your success. And once you achieve a reputation as an Ebay auction elite, the potential to make very large sums of money selling on Ebay will be freely available to you.

Michael Tasker operates a successful information marketing business and continues to expand to various websites plus direct marketing channels as well. A lucrative money maker is Ebay and now available is a A-Z guide on how to become part of the 2% Ebay elite. The audio and transcript guide shows you everything that the elite use to generate huge amounts of money selling on Ebay.

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