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Dealing With Rejection When Phone Prospecting

MLM marketing is one of the most promising businesses in the world today. With the help of MLM, one can come nearer to their ambitions in a simple and hassle-free manner. However, to reap the complete benefits of MLM, one should keep in mind the various aspects and concepts of MLM marketing.

Patience is a virtue, and this phrase is never more exact than in the MLM business. There are many situations wherein you should learn to handle them in a patient, diplomatic and tactful manner. One area in MLM marketing that you require to handle is phone prospecting. Phone prospecting can be a tedious work, and can many a times test the levels of your patience. Here are some aspects to keep in mind while dealing with rejection when phone prospecting.

Keep Your Cool: One of the first things to remember while in any phone conversation, even if it's not a prospecting one, is to keep one's cool. Raising your voice, or showing any kind of desperation would only close the sale for you earlier than you expect, and that too in a non-favorable manner. Also remember that you should not sound too much in your face, or give out indications that they may be the only customers you will ever get for your MLM business. Be Polite: It always helps to be polite, and more so when you are in a business conversation.

Make it a point to be polite even if a potential prospect downright refuses you over the phone. Also, try to gage the person's current thoughts at the moment and only then go about hard selling your product to them. Always remember to close any conversation on a cheerful and positive note. Last Pitch: If you have done it right, you will always have a last pitch ready, the one which one is simply so fantastic that nobody can disagree, and of course, factual and authentic. This is the time for you to launch the last pitch.

But of course, one of the most important factors for the last pitch to go right is that the person should not understand that it is the last pitch. The first thing to keep in mind after being rejected is to take it as a learning and positive experience. Attitude matters everywhere and more so in the marketing business. Also, you have to understand that the 'no' you hear is not the end all and be all of marketing.

Each no gets you closer to that golden word ' yes. Also, remember to take some time off once you have finally heard the rejection. That doesn't mean that you should go on a vacation, but just that you should do something else that keeps your mind engaged, like spending the going through the list of your prospects. Remember, there is no selling like positive selling, and to sell positive, you should be positive in the first place. Therefore, it is best to just put aside those rejections you have got, and to get ready for your next prospect ' immediately.

Copyright (c) 2008 Colin Meunier.

Colin Meunier is a Successful Home Business Coach and Mentor! To learn how you can use a breakthrough marketing system to become more successful in your home business online visit: MLM Lead Generation Tips

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