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No matter what changes major search engines make in the future they will always value the quality of web site content. Visitors and search engines thrive on content-rich web sites, but just having a lot of content on your site may not be enough to hold visitor interest. Therefore, your online objective should be Search Engine Friendly information that site visitors can use. I'm sure you are aware that rich content alone is not all of what search engines use to favour web sites. Yes, you're right, back links also play a major role in page popularity.

And what's the best way to get back links? You're right again, content. This is not the content on your web site it's external content that links back to your site. No matter which way you choose to add more traffic to your site content will always be at the root cause. The reason content increases traffic to your web site is because everyone on the Internet is searching for information.

This information exists in many forms including: . Articles . Blogs .

Classified Ads . e-Mail . Pay Per Click Ads . Newsletters .

Press Releases All of these external content types are opportunities to link visitors back to your web site. Develop a Web content plan for your marketing campaign that includes some or all of the above content types, and within a few weeks you'll see a noticeable increase in traffic. Keeping Visitors at Your Site Longer: Pre-selling, very simply, is the art of leading a web site visitor, who is more encouraged to buy after being comforted by a relationship with the words on your sales page. The goal above was to increase traffic to your web site via strategically placed content. Now, you'll find out what type of content visitors want to see at your web site. To learn what visitors want, ask their opinion (directly or indirectly) and find out what they really need from your web site, so you can adapt your content accordingly.

When a search engine spider indexes your web site it automatically searches your meta tags and web site content for information. And that is what you want visitors to do, stay long enough to find the information they are looking for. Note: Internet surfers can tell in seconds if you're advertising to them in your web site content. It's better to ease the reader into the call to action instead of jumping in there face selling. Here's how you can make your web site sell less obviously: First thing to consider is the headline, it should speak out loud grabbing the attention of the reader making them want to read on. That's the absolute minimum content your web site must have to help sell your product or service.

Additionally, relevant key words and phrases can be related to content about your town and neighborhood, the local schools and shopping and cultural events. So, stop struggling with what to say and start using prewritten content; content such as letters, web site pages, real estate marketing reports, brochures, flyers, mailers, etc. As a result you'll convert more search engine traffic into sales as you add content built around keywords visitors use to find your site. What you need to know About Web Presents: Since you can get a web site, domain name, hosting, products or services and advertising for little money, why aren't more people making tons of money on the Internet? The answer is simple, they just don't know how. You need to know: .

How to get online publicity! . How to build a list of loyal customers! . How to respond automatically to prospects immediately! . How to write online ad copy that makes money! . How to drive traffic to your web site! .

How to properly send bulk email! . How to brand your product or service! . How to know what advertising to spend your time and money on! . And much more.

There is definitely much to learn about web presents. And the most precious resource. your time. will have to pay the price. You see, unless you have lots of hours to invest in research, you can be assured that you won't achieve online success over night.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of free information on how to leverage all the inexpensive Internet resources to your financial advantage. But before you start making money online you need to learn how to successfully perform the tasks outlined above. There are free training resources available that can show you everything you need to reap the huge benefits of Internet presents. Here's just a brief overview of how training can help you: . Learn to build your own web site .

Learn methods to build highly responsive traffic on a zero budget . Learn email techniques that generate repeat sales . Learn to convert traffic into buyers . Learn the essential advantages over your competition . Learn your Unique Selling Perspective to draw in customers . Learn to create compelling content .

Learn to put it all together to make a living online, and more. Now if you don't want to spend a lot of time learning the technical stuff to create web sites and set up your hosting account. Then that can be done by a Webmaster who will do all the technical work for you. All that will be left for you to do is pay for the webmaster's services and the above mentioned small cost for a domain name and hosting service.

Conclusion: If you want to make money with a very small budget then you need to consider investing your time and a little money in the aforementioned. You will also want to spend time learning what you need to know to become a successful online entrepreneur. If you include these success ingredients into your daily routine then you have a fighting chance to become an Internet Real Estate tycoon.

Rupert Mamby is an Internet Marketer and Webmaster. His website at offers inexpensive Internet Real Estate and Free online training. Rupert's Free E-course is jam packed with tips and techniques guaranteed to help anyone succeed online.

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