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If you want to learn to do business, here is the most important lesson you will ever want to learn. People buy things every single day, but the reasons why they don't buy are 3 and only 3: * They don't want it. * They can't afford it. * They don't trust you The first two reasons are out of your control and can happen maybe because you are targeting your market incorrectly, but if you fail on number 3 then you are leaving big money on the table. People buy from you because they trust you Trust is what moves people to buy things from you over and over again.

It is easier to sell something to past clients than sell stuff to someone you don't know yet. Also, you may know that it is 5 to 10 times easier to sell something to people who already know you. The other part of the equation is that it is very difficult to build trust if you don't communicate much with people. It's a know fact that in average, it will take seven contacts to build trust, once trust is built you can communicate with your clients at will, and if you don't disrespect them, you will always be welcome. To personalize or not.

Autoresponders are a preprogrammed sequence of emails that could be personalized. Because personalization can increase response in more than 30%, and there is no reason to choose software that doesn't support it, we don't recommend programs that don't have this feature. By using autoresponders, you can develop trust much easier because emails are automatic. It is important to not use them so much because once trust is created, you can use autoresponders for many other things such as: * To remind something (payments, answers, etc.) * To deliver a very huge course. * To deliver a newsletter to your subscriber base.

Clients and also prospects could be served effectively with the examples above. I have some experience on becoming an autoresponder addict and let me tell you this example. I wanted to deliver a large course to my clients and the first idea that went through my brain was "use an autoresponder sequence". The sequence worked fine, but wasn't necessary at all. A simple PDF file would do the work and without some of the hassles that autoresponders impose.

One of them is that if you want to change messages, then it is better to create a new sequence because changing anything when people are receiving a sequence can make your life miserable. You will lose precious time because of people asking about messages and complaints about web pages that could not be displayed. How Many Emails? How many emails are enough? Many people send autoresponder sequences of 5 or 7 emails.

I have a large sequence of 65 emails which has proven the most profitable to date and this is sent on a daily basis. If you ask: What the hell are you writing in all those messages? I'll tell you that I write about everything imaginable on this topic, but you should know your niche well to write so much about it! Since every market is different, testing is very important and you should test the number of emails, the frequency and content of your emails to maximize your profits. So, it seems that more email beats less email and the reason is simple. People who subscribe to your autoresponder want information about the topic and want a lot of it. Also, take care to avoid giving away too much for too much time, because that could backfire you, as some people could perceive that your information isn't of value because they receive so much of you for free. Give away free information so your clients can profit from it, but keep something for you so you can profit too, this way people will respect you more because of the mutually beneficial relationship.

The Services You have 3 kinds of autoresponders: * Hosted in your domain * Hosted Remotely. * Sent By Your PC. Spam filters had made too difficult to deal with bulk email, so much that we no longer even explain why you shouldn't use your domain hosting or your PC to send bulk emails. If you do, you could lose almost all your email because of email filters, so don't even think on getting something different than an email hosting solution from a third party.

Andres Berger is an expert on auto responder services. When people write: Purchase Autoresponder at Google they will find advice to maximize their email campaigns.

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