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Be Careful Of Who You Follow If You Want To Make Money Online

I learned A LOT about the importance of being more careful of who you trust to personally help you succeed on the internet? Last week, I went to visit my "guru" mentor in California to steal some of his marketing secrets. He first took me to Starbucks, talked to me about the importance of spirituality and and how that ties into making money online. Then he said something that just shocked me? "Alan, don't tell ANYONE where I live because people will think I'm a hypocrite and LIAR for posting pictures of my 'supposed' custom home I live in on my website!" He then demanded my driver's license to know for sure that I'm really Alan Quan. He then closely inspected my driver's license and starts to hint to me that a lot of things you see on the internet is FAKE. Needless to say, my senses told me that this guy is a dirty liar! After posting all these pictures of his multi-million dollar home on his website and teaching people how to make money online, he started to drive toward a trailer park! He then told me that he needs to get something in the trailer park.

So he got out of the car and instructed for me to do the same. I did as told and walked with my marketing mentor toward some worn out trailer homes! I nervously thought to myself? "Dude, is this guy a total liar? Are all the pictures of his income statements and his home all fake?" After about a minute of following him down the smelly trailer park, he started to laugh hysterically. My defenses were up, but luckily I know some martial arts? "Is this where he pulls out a gun and robs me of all my money?" He then turned around with smiles all over his face saying? "Alan, you are so easy! I'm just kidding man - I don't live here!" When I FINALLY got to his real home - I let out a sigh of relief - this guy is for real after all! Whew! =) But it was a great lesson he taught me? You'd better be careful of who teaches you how to make money online, because anyone could fake it and you might actually be learning from a supposedly "rich" guy who lives in a tiny trailer home! When you see an advertisement of yet another business opportunity in pre-launch with some loser who repairs broken cigarette lighters for a living suddenly earns five figures in one month with this "miracle" system? ?chances are great that this guy is an rich guy imitator, lying through his teeth and as new to internet marketing as you! So it is an absolute MUST that you join a real marketing mentor that has a proven track record with REAL experience so that he can truly help you achieve the income goals you desire!.

Alan Quan is an internet marketing coach and owns a successful internet business selling high-end information products. He is helping and now giving his coaching FREE to entrepreneurs who are serious about making money on the internet. Visit and see if you qualify for his exclusive program.

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