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Your MLM company is expecting big things from you, but unfortunately you've not gained much from them. For whatever reason your training, actions and thinking have failed, and it's time for a change, read on to learn how to "Break" out of the negative "failure driven" thought processes in MLM. Most network marketers and direct sellers prospect people, pique their interest, present the opportunity. and then walk away all ticked off when the prospect says "no". By letting emotions get in the way of your business, you'll never reach the goals you set in any business let alone network marketing.

You'll get mad, frustrated, and eventually you'll quit. That's the reason most people never make any substantial money. Success, however, is a simple choice.

So if you're ready to succeed, here are 3 simple mindset shifts that will help you maximize your sales and recruiting. 1) You have to always remember that effective marketing in your small business is a must to stay profitable and worthwhile. It's just part of the game, and I suggest you don't try to change the rules. (Unless you just want an expensive and very time consuming hobby) The upside to belly-to-belly marketing is that you can create rapport much easier and establish better relationships than with traditional marketing methods.

The downside is that you have to deal directly with all the no's. And those rejections can sting a lot, if you let them. One way to let go of the sting is to realize that in marketing, most people are going to say no. There is no company or marketing expert in the world that gets a sale from anywhere near most of the people they market to.

In fact, most marketing campaigns are considered successful if they can get a small percent of the prospects to say yes - a small percent! Now I'm not saying that you should be happy with a closing ratio of a very small percentage, because in direct sales, it will be higher. But the bottom line is - MOST PEOPLE WILL SAY NO. That's part of the game. So don't get emotional when everything works out that way - it's supposed to. 2) Recruit DESIRE, not POTENTIAL. Success in network marketing requires recruiting people who want to succeed, not people who could succeed.

If you've ever been in any MLM business for any length of time, you're going to experience the hyperdrive of excitement from their latest "hot" recruit. "He could be SO GOOD" in this business. Here's the problem - all 6 billion of the people on this planet COULD be great in network marketing if they decide to. Everyone who can communicate can do well in MLM. But success is a choice; it's not an ability or a characteristic. The only long term outcome of getting excited about potential is frustration when most people don't do what they say they're going to do.

So instead of setting your filter to attract people who have the ability to succeed (nobody will be weeded out), set your filter to notice and attract people who have a burning desire to succeed at all costs. Recruit desire. Teach the skillset later. 3) Stop trying so hard.

Prospecting and recruitment can be fruitless, if you approach it incorrectly. You've still got to take action, but there's a big difference between effort and action. When you know your true purpose for working your business, and all of your actions are aligned with your values, the whole process can actually become fun - it doesn't feel like 'effort' at all. The thing that makes prospecting and finding new leads 'difficult" is your emotional effort.

If you decide to take a business attitude with no emotion, you'll find it easier going. You filter for people who want what you have, and offer it to them. Simple. I'm not saying take the emotion completely out of the business, because everyone makes emotional buying decisions, so your offers should absolutely be drawing out the emotion of your prospect. However as far as actions work out, emotion is the enemy. Armed with the right marketing mindset, you'll have all the success you desire in your MLM business.

Adam Price is a network marketing prospect attraction expert & coaches network marketers & entrepreneurs to success. Learn about his 7 secret steps for attracting more business to you by visiting:

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