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Add Directory Link Submission To Your Marketing Toolkit

One of the quickest ways to work towards a number one ranking on Google and other search engines is to add directory link submission to your daily list of marketing tasks. High ranking on Google and other search engines depends on two factors - on-page and off-page. On-page factors include keyword density, optimized title and Meta tags, systematic internal linking, themed content and frequent updates. Off-page factors are primarily related to qualified inbound linking. When you add directory link submission to your marketing strategy you boost targeted one-way inbound linking to your site. How to add directory link submission to your marketing arsenal? Here are the steps that you can follow: Go to Google and type in Addurl "niche".

In the results you will find directory sites to submit your website. When you add your site to these directories make sure you use the best keywords as anchor text to maximize your inbound linking impact. You can try variations by putting keywords that closely match you niche to get more directory results that you can add directory link submissions to. You may carry out the process to add directory link submission of your website either manually or by using link submission software and services. For manual directory link submission you can choose between doing the boring, repetitive tasks either yourself or to an outsourcer.

Using software to automate the process of add directory link submission can help you save time and effort but will cost you money. After you add directory link submission to your marketing process it is important to continue getting inbound links on an ongoing process. Set yourself a target to secure at least 5 inbound links every week. Just like you check your email and browse your favorite websites or forums, make securing inbound links a daily habit.

You will be surprised at the results you get in a short time. Within a few weeks from the time you start the process of add directory link submission to your SEO optimizing efforts your site will begin to climb rapidly in the search engines proving the value of off-page factors. Better still when you add directory link submission to your linking gathering pattern you will also generate visitors to your website from these directories without spending any money and probably earning sizeable revenues from this extra traffic.

So make sure you add directory link submission to your marketing efforts and reap rich rewards. Many marketers spends tons of money to advertise and buy links from top ranking pages, for press releases and classified ads and end up with the same results as what you will get by your simple add directory link submission process. If you do it manually it is a steady but slow process. You can speed it up by using automated software and get the same results faster.

Automated software for add directory link submission is will cost between 100-200 dollars but you can use repeatedly for many different urls. Also, the time and effort you save will be worth the cost many times over.

Written by: Tom Dahne and Paul Martin Website: and Tom Dahne and Paul Martin are the owners of the very popular directory called Link Directory which is 100% SEO friendly and Human edited, and it accepts free and paid submissions for any quality website so feel free to submit your website today for inclusion.

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