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There are thousands of e-books, seminars, info-packs, coaching programs and guru's offering great programs to teach you how to start and grow your own online marketing business, but there's just one problem. How in the world do you clearly extract the most important steps, organize the material so that you can take immediate action and start seeing sales being made and dollars being generated? Seems like a simple request right, just tell me how to do this business! WHY LEARNING HOW TO GENERATE PROFIT FROM YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS IS CHALLENGING One reason it is so challenging to explain the exact system earning a fortune online is that there is no single system, but rather there are many systems. There are fortunes being made in the following areas: - Information product publishing businesses - Social networking sites that sell for millions or billions based on traffic generation - Affiliate marketing empires built entirely on selling other people's products - Pay-per-click advertising fortunes using Google Adsense - Portal pages that earn fortunes strictly through niche advertising In reality, there are many systems that make use of a combination of these techniques, even though most sites choose to lead with one area. HERE'S YOUR FIRST STEP If you are starting brand new, unsure of how money is really being made online and need to get to a point where you have a clear path to online marketing profits, then you MUST start by understanding the basics of the online marketing business models. The main online marketing business models are: affiliate marketing, selling your own information product, selling wholesale or licensed tangible products, advertising revenue, building equity ie, Virtual Real Estate model where you generate a great deal of valuable niche traffic with the intent of selling your site to the highest bidder. Understand the basics of each model, how they work and which one you are most comfortable (and able based on your experience and preferences) to lead with - even though you may incorporate elements of other business models as you go.

HERE's YOUR NEXT STEPS Once you have a chosen business model, then you can very specifically breakdown a list of questions which will make reviewing and learning from information much easier. For example, if you decide information publishing is the business model you want to lead with, your questions would look like: 1. How do I pick a market and topic? 2. What are the critical factors that make certain infoproducts sell more than others? 3. How do I measure demand? 4.

What should my website(s) look like for this model? 5. Operational issues such as which webhost, who designs graphics, which autoresponder, who do I use as a payment processor? 6. What sorts of infoproducts sell the best; do I need more than 1? 7. How do I begin writing such a product? 8.

What are techniques to speed up infoproduct delivery? You can see that specific questions immediately begin flowing once you understand the basics of the business model you will lead with. A common mistake is to confuse two or more business models and the strategies, techniques and tactics associated with each one such that nothing makes sense, there is no clarity of process and you don't even know which questions you should be asking. Start by knowing what you want to achieve, gaining a basic understanding of online marketing business models, and a list of questions to help you quickly get the information you want from the mountain of information available to you.

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